ITD shifts to yellow

ITD made a historic shift toward improving employee safety with a switch from the old orange vests to a new high-visibility yellow vests. The shift came during a ceremony at Headquarters and throughout the districts Thursday (Aug. 30) and follows employee recommendations to an ITD Tiger Team devoted to Personal Protective Equipment.

Please check out this video from PPE Tiger Team Lead Jesse Barrus (D6) explaining the new vests.

"I can't emphasize just how significant this change is as far as prioritizing the safety of our employees," said ITD Chief Operations Officer Travis McGrath.

ITD Chief Deputy Scott Stokes agreed.

"I've been with ITD for a long time, and this is by far the biggest change I've seen in regard to our safety. I'm so glad we're making this commitment to our employees."

Here's the video of the Aug. 30 shift to yellow.


Published 08-31-18