ITD from the Vault - 25 Years Ago
Environment is top concern

From February-March Transporter 1993:

More than $500,000 is being spent to ensure that a new highway project connecting Interstate 84 to Idaho 21 will not affect wildlife and bald eagles that winter roost in the area.

The $11.8 million state project will connect I-84 to Idaho 21 with a bridge over the Boise River near the Diversion Dam in southeast Boise.

"We have taken extraordinary care to minimize the impact of the new highway to the wildlife," Bob Rohrer, an environmental planner for the department, said. "We are particularly interested in protecting the bald eagles that use the winter roost downstream from our project."

Because of consideration to the wildlife and environment, the new bridge will span the canyon with only bridge piers in the river floodplain. This design also eliminates the need for 2.5 acres of fill, but will cost approximately $500,000 more than other proposals.

A biological assessment drafted by the transportation department determined that the project will not harm the wintering bald eagles' food supply or affect their roost area, which are the most critical to the birds.

A 480-acre natural area adjacent to the Boise River above Barber Dam provides protection for bald eagles.

Published 08-31-18