Keeping the budget from flaring up

New cases are expected to save District 2 more than $5,000 this year by preventing flares from becoming damaged in the back of trucks.

“All ITD vehicles carry flares for emergencies, but many are damaged from rolling and bouncing around,” records specialist Bill Foust (pictured above) said. “One foreman mentioned the wasted supplies at a staff meeting, and after I started talking to some others, I realized this was not uncommon.”

After talking to the foremen, Foust estimated that each year sheds typically lose two to three boxes of flares due to damage.

“At $137.09 a box, that adds up,” Foust said. “A simple, cheap case can prevent a lot of that.”

Foust found a suitable case online. Made of durable plastic, these cases hold 10 flares during transport and will likely help with placing them during incidents.

Foust brought the idea to structures and fleet manager Roy Hill, who also serves as the D2 innovation steward, and with the help of district buyers, was able to purchase 165 cases.



Published 08-31-18