ITD collaborates to improve safety at crossing
following fatal crash that claimed teenagers

After a fatal crash on Aug. 7 killed two local high school students, residents and officials came together expressing concern for the safety of the intersection on US-20 just south of St. Anthony. ITD, Eastern Idaho Railroad (EIRR), local officials and residents came together to work out a short-term plan for the railroad crossing.

Teagan Bradshaw and Tanner Nicol died after rear-ending a fuel tanker that was legally stopped at this crossing on US-20. Friends of Teagan and Tanner expressed concern and requested ITD and EIRR work together to make this crossing exempt.

Exempting would eliminate the situation that led to the fatal crash Aug. 7 because tankers, buses and other restricted vehicles would not be required to stop on US-20 at this railroad crossing.

However, it remains an active crossing for the train and requires the train to take extra precautionary measures before crossing the highway. This also means that when the train crosses the highway, ALL traffic must stop before proceeding until the train crosses and is at a safe distance.

Joey Haynes of the Eastern Idaho Railroad and ITD worked diligently to make this happen quickly. On Aug. 24, Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter held his scheduled Capital For A Day in Sugar City. On the morning of the event, the governor presented the group of teenagers advocating for this exception with a signed document of the official exemption AND the signs ITD placed on the highway to alert traffic to the change.

On Sept. 5, the "exempt" sign went up on US-20 with residents, students and family members watching, helping and supporting the signs being mounted. Local news outlets interviewed some of the teenagers involved in this exemption and family members of the late Teagan and Tanner.

Members of the Bradshaw and Nicol families expressed much gratitude of the help and support they have received.

A big shout out goes to Haynes of Eastern Idaho Railroad, Courtney Liddiard of Ball Ventures, Dawson Jensen, Bridger Stoddard, Bridger Vickers, Briar Leishman, Mason Flanery and the Bradshaw and Nicol families for the support and ambition to move this exemption along.



Published 09-14-18