ITD co-sponsors Traffic Incident Management Systems (TIMS) training Sept. 10 in Boise

Federal, state and local agencies converged on Gowen Field Monday (Sept. 10) for the Traffic Incident Management Train-the-Trainer Course, sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the Idaho Transportation Department. The course was meant to increase the effectiveness of mutual aid from responders, identify measures that improve the safety of responders during incidents, and build geographical area coalitions between partners.

Eighteen ITD employees volunteered to be trainers for this important course, working side by side with more than a dozen statewide members from law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency medical service and tow-truck operators.

Additionally, the 101st Civil Support Team from the Idaho National Guard was on hand to demonstrate their capabilities by bringing awareness among first responders on how the CST's resources can be leveraged during emergency responses.

ITD Emergency Services Coordinator Neal Murphy also wanted to thank everyone who volunteered to help train all responders (over 8,000) throughout the State of Idaho.

Murphy said ITD will now spearhead a program to train all responders quarterly over the next two years, then evaluate that progress. The state is divided into three coalitions — North, Central and Eastern — allowing trainers to spread their workload. Trainers may hold training by their own initiative and time permitting with classes comprised of a diverse group made up of the above-mentioned responders.

The ITD personnel involved were, from:

District 1
Mel Fisher
Mike Margason

District 2
Bud Converse
Kelvin Murphy

District 3
Mike Benton
Randy Gehrke
Doug Kriebs
Doug Price
Camilo Serrano
Tim Streagle
Kyle Wright

District 4
Rustin Bethune
Jarrett Porter

District 5
Derek Cottrel
Lori Hill
Tyler Hudman
DeLoy Kunz
Scott MacKenzie

Published 09-14-18