Department triples social-media presence since 2016

In just a little more than a decade, society across the globe has witnessed the rise of multiple social-media platforms. And while these outlets all offer slightly different interactions, the goal among their users is the same: showcase your offerings.

Having started both Facebook and Twitter accounts in 2009, ITD is no stranger to the social-media game. Since Office of Communication Manager Vince Trimboli came on board in Aug. 2016, ITD's social-media presence has more than tripled, from a collective base of a little more than 7,400 Facebook and Twitter followers, to more than 23,300 combined - and that number is growing every day.

“We’ve really gotten smart about how we handle social media,” said D3 Public Information Specialist Jake Melder. “The days of simply posting something here and there are long gone. Not only have we increased the quantity of our posts, but we’ve increased the quality as well.”

This fact is apparent to those who have been following ITD’s pages over the last few years. Recently the Office of Communication rolled out multiple social-media campaigns aimed at showcasing the work the department does and the roadways the department maintains. Among these campaigns was the popular #catchKenny rollout, which highlighted ITD’s bridge-inspection efforts and garnered media interest from nearly every district in the state.

In addition to multiple campaign rollouts, ITD has also become more mindful about using social media to push vital messages such as road closures and safety reminders to their followers.

“It’s important for ITD to stay ahead of the curve with our communication efforts," Trimboli said. "Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have proven to be incredibly useful when it comes to sharing important and real-time information with the public, as well as ITD’s overall mission.”

“Over the last few years, ITD’s social media efforts have been a product of a large group effort,” said Melder. “We’ve narrowed our online presence down to a few key pages, and have worked diligently to produce an image that reflects all areas of ITD.”

*If you would like to contribute images for postings, or have ideas for future social-media campaigns, please email D4 PIO Jessica Williams at

To follow the department's social-media efforts, ITD's Twitter handle is @IdahoITD and the Facebook account is

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Published 09-14-18