The Perrine by any other name...

The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls is one of the iconic bridges in Idaho, the west and the entire US. However, until April 4, 2000, it was known as simply Bridge #17500. That travesty was corrected, as the bridge name was officially changed in law.

Below was the story that ran in the Transporter:

Gov. Dirk Kempthorne signed a bill into law April 4 to officially attach the name of the Magic Valley's best-known visionary pioneer to the region's best-known man-made landmark.

The massive bridge over the Snake River at Twin Falls Formally known only by the number 17580 has been designated the "Perrine Bridge." L.B. Perrine pioneered the area's irrigation efforts in the late 19th century. He used the Snake River to water a 1.000-acre farm and plant a tree orchard that can still be found around the golf course fairways underneath the bridge.

Signs had marked the Perrine Bridge to motorists at various times since the 1920s, when the original bridge was built. But when the original bridge was replaced by the current span in 1974, lTD simply followed its modern procedure of assigning the bridge a number.

As shown below, the Perrine was recently inspected by ITD's Bridge crew, and initial reports indicate that the structure will enjoy many more years.

Here's raw video footage of the inspection.

Published 10-05-18