ITD early adopter of Gov. Little's
rule-consolidation order to reduce burden on citizens

One of Brad Little's first orders of business as Idaho's new governor was telling state agencies that for every rule they added or brought forward, they would be required to eliminate two others. ITD is already getting in the spirit of the new executive order to reduce the burden on Idahoans by consolidating 22 administrative rules down to just eight, and 17 Annual DMV permits down to eight as well.

To comply with Executive Order 2019-02, the "Red Tape Reduction Act," ITD worked hand-in-hand with industry and stakeholders, and during negotiated rulemaking there was a focus on access to the process, transparency, and improved customer service.

This rulemaking project was very well-received by both the House and Senate Transportation Committees. In fact, Senator Lori Den Hartog tweeted, "We just repealed 22 different rules for the Idaho Transportation Department and replaced them with 8 streamlined rules regarding special permits. The new rules included the reduction of permit fees due to efficiency gains. These changes were customer driven."

The rule changes will go into effect on July 1, 2019; which is the same time our new, fully-automated online CMV Permitting System will be implemented.

Executive Order 2019-02 also requires agencies to submit a business/competitiveness impact statement that identifies the impact any proposed rule will have on individuals and small businesses. It requires agencies to designate an existing employee as a Rules Review Officer to undertake a critical and comprehensive review of their administrative rules and identify costly, ineffective, or outdated regulations. The Division of Financial Management will provide Governor Little an annual report on "outlining the progress made in eliminating burdensome regulations and streamlining state government."

While acknowledging that he'll likely be the designated point of contact and liaison, Ramón Hobdey-Sanchez of Govermental Affairs said "the rulemaking here at the department is truly a team effort, with heavy input and guidance from (Gov't Affairs Manager) Mollie McCarty and (Chief Deputy) Scott Stokes."

Published 02-08-19