Next round of mandatory cybersecurity training kicks off Feb. 25

The next round of mandatory cybersecurity training launches on Feb. 25, with four modules, covering about 45 minutes of time. It must be completed by March 29.

All employees — full-time, part-time and seasonal workers – with access to the State system are required to complete the training. Only those who complete the training will be eligible for a merit increase, if one is approved by the legislature.


If employees are unable to login to the CyberSecurity training, please call the IT Service Desk at extension x78175 for help.


Topics will include creating strong passwords, security of mobile devices, Ransomware, and email spoofing.

An email from will be sent to all staff on Feb. 19. It will contain information about the new campaign deployment, including how to get help resetting passwords and getting logged in to the training site.

You can pause and resume training at any time until all modules are finished. Once finished, you will need to close your course browser to record course completion. If you need to pause your session for any length of time, you will need to log back in to resume training.

When you receive the email, please do NOT report it as a Phishing attempt - it is legit.

Published 02-15-19