D6 experiments with standardizing performance
evaluations for Transportation Techs

In District 6, they’ve adopted an idea aimed at providing consistency in evaluating Transportation Techs. There were inconsistencies in the rating standards used from one shed to another, which resulted in many TTOs being dissatisfied with their ratings, but not knowing what skills, attitudes, or procedures to change or how to change them.

“The current process is very subjective, with a lot of gray areas,” explained Idaho Falls Maintenance Foreman JR Grotjohn. “As a group, the D6 foremen wanted to provide a clear path to success and make the review process as transparent as possible.”

So, they created a document that outlined what is expected for each performance rating at each TTO step, including an outline for those that have completed the steps. TTOs now have a guideline to follow when completing their evaluations, filling out goals, and performing the work so they know what and how to document their achievements in order to get the rating they feel they deserve.

Now, when the maintenance foremen meet with workers throughout the year, they can use the document to clearly assess the employee and coach them on how to achieve the desired rating.

“The TTO knows exactly what it takes to be successful in maintenance in District 6,” Grotjohn said. “There is no guesswork in figuring out their evaluation and they will more than likely agree to their rating.”

In addition, they estimate an annual savings of about 700 hours.

D6 is already rolling this out. The rest of the state is not using this yet, but it was a topic at last week’s Operation Engineers meeting in Boise. In addition, D6’s Engineering side of the house is working on criteria to match what was done in Operations.

Published 02-15-19