Your timesheet, it is a-changin' --
Advantage is getting an upgrade, too

On March 19, ITD will transition to the brand new Advantage 3.11 software suite, and for every ITD employee that means working with a totally different timesheet.

The new system will allow faster data recovery if loss occurs, and encryption that better protects sensitive data from those intent on hacking the department’s data center.

The department first implemented Advantage in 2006 and uses the software to manage Financial, Human Resource, Payroll, and Procurement information. This project is the third time the department has successfully upgraded the Advantage application. 

From paying people to paying vendors, the Advantage system is critical to everything done at the department. 

“The project team worked closely with the vendor to make this happen,” said ITD Controller Dave Tolman. “The project began in earnest in the summer of 2017, and all of 2018 was devoted to engaging with CGI Group Inc. to make sure the software worked correctly.”

The transition to the new system will begin the evening of March 14. The initial focus that night will be final preparations and getting payroll processed one last time in Advantage 3.9.  Once payroll processing finishes, the department will commence the transition to 3.11 through the remainder of the weekend. ITD expects to have Advantage 3.11 migrated, configured, and tested by the end of the work day March 18, and plans on making it available to personnel early March 19.

The most noticeable change with this upgrade is with the timesheet; it is very different from the one we currently use. Because the timesheet affects all ITD employees, training videos will help with the transition. They will be posted to TalentED as soon as they are ready. Once available, please review any of the videos that apply to you as soon as possible.

If you are interested in playing around in the new system prior to the official rollout, you can use the links below to access the system. The project is still very active, so at times the new system will be down for patching or other project work.
Also, when the department transitions to the new system, documents created in the testing environment will be gone.

PROD Instance (PRD)

Human Resources
iReport (This link is only used prior to the transition – the production link to iReport will be used thereafter)

Sneak Peek at new timesheet, below 

Published 02-15-19