ITD videos promote statewide
work zone safety
April 8-12: National Work Zone Safety Awareness

Work Zone Safety Awareness Week is right around the corner. To commemorate the event this year, ITD will launch a statewide campaign promoting safety in our work zones. ITD will promote work zone safety, particularly for our employees, through personal anecdotes and cautionary tales in each region during the week.

This project was a collaborative effort engaging ITD employees and contractors around the state to encourage drivers to be engaged as they pass through our work zones.

The video series highlights interactions different drivers might have in different types of ITD work zones ranging from urban and rural construction, to ITD maintenance work.

Work Zone Safety Awareness Week will be observed April 8 -12. Here are a few of the videos that will be circulating in the media as a result:

Highway Worker (60 sec.)

Family Vacation (60 sec.)

Business Commuter (60 sec.)

Combined Video (60 sec.)

Published 03-22-19