Released inmates now issued
state identification cards

Inmates being released from three Idaho correctional facilities are now being issued state identification cards by Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) employees.

"Identification cards are needed to transition the inmates into society," IDOC Public Information Officer Jeff Ray said. "Without proper identification, they cannot open bank accounts, cash a check, or fly commercially."

Previously, released inmates were transported by IDOC to county Sheriff's offices to receive identification cards where lobbies are often full. The new program is a cooperative effort between IDOC and ITD. Idaho Rep. Melissa Wintrow, D-Boise, and Interfaith Sanctuary Director Jodi Peterson were proponents of the program.

Dominic Hinton is getting out of prison in July after about 18 months. While incarcerated, he says his ID expired. "I am very nervous to get out but having an ID is another step that's going to be easier to get a job, easier to get everything else done when I get out there," Hinton said. Hinton is shown in the photo below getting his picture taken by an IDOC employee for a state identification card.

"Having an ID already is really going to help out. I can just go to an employer and say hey, I want to work, here's an ID right away."

Many inmate's driver's licenses or identification cards expire, are lost or destroyed while in prison. IDOC case managers work with the inmates months before their releases to obtain the proper documents to qualify for an identification card.

"It's investing in the success of the people leaving prison," Deputy Chief of Prisons Ross Castleton said. "If you can't get a job, you fall back onto the things you did before. That is how people return to prison."

"The amount of work Rep. Wintrow and Jodi Peterson did advocating for this to happen, and the willingness for IDOC to work with ITD, it just means a lot," DMV Administrator Alberto Gonzalez said. "It shows you government can work together to make a difference."

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Published 03-29-19