Besides verbal recognition, ITD employees have another avenue to share their appreciation for the assistance and guidance of co-workers. The department's MVP cards, which are found through the HR site on SharePoint can play an important role in fostering this appreciation, which is an essential component of job satisfaction.

The goal is to make that appreciation more visible, and to remind employees that this resource exists and can be an important morale-booster.

Here are the MVP cards posted in the lasttwo weeks:

To: Charles Sherfick
From: Tyler Jackson
Thank you for helping the AASHTOWare Project team with a configuration on the Firewall! We really appreciate the quick response!!

To: Julie Whistler
From: Debi Lefler
Thank you so much for covering our work and Jabber questions while I was gone. You're always so gracious and helpful in answering questions for me and everyone. I appreciate all that you do for ITD.

To: Ross Albers
From: Debi Lefler
I would like to thank you for your help and assistance with my questions regarding the credit card machine. I appreciate your patience and calm manner when I call you with financial transactions.

To: Caleb Lohrengal, Douglas McKinney & Andy Guaydacan
From: Lori Graves
Jhank you for the professional service you provided by moving multiple pieces of furniture, lowering my desk to a normal height, and putting in light bulbs. Appreciate all you do. Quick and efficient. Thank you!

To: Travis Ingle
From: April Davis
Thank you for assisting several peers in moving their things and getting set up in a new location. You are superbly resourceful and it was very kind of you to sacrifice any bits of free time you had.

To: Renae Beal
From: Charley Bussey
Renae has been so awesome to work with! She has gone above & beyond to help with the HR SharePoint site migration. She's an incredible asset here at ITD.

To: Jennifer Pierce
From: Keenan Wallace
Just wanted to say thank you for your help in clearing the med card issue with the CDL driver stuck at the POE. Being new doesn't prevent you from helping or exempt you from recognition. Great work!

To: Beth Thompson
From: Zac Edwards
Thank for being so willing to jump on the phone queue today! We were able to fight back the wave of calls..

To: Cynthia Gardner
From: Rene Wright
Appreciate all the hard work getting fuel records going to TAMS again! Thank you, Cynthia!

To: Shauna Miller
From: Drew McGuire
Shauna is always there with words of encouragement, kindness, and assistance with anything I need. She is reliable and I can always count on her! I'm proud to call you my co-worker and friend!

To: Rachel Pallister
From: Drew McGuire
Rachel has taken me under her wing. She is knowledgeable about all things public transportation, and freely shares with the team. Thank you for always being so easy to work with and being so reliable.

To: Jeffrey Marker
From: Drew McGuire
He is hands-down the best manager I've ever had. Jeff is easy to talk to and always willing to step in and help out. There is no job too big or small for him. Thank you for standing with us, Jeff!

To: Robert Beachler, William Roberson, April Legard, Andrea Littlefield & Marvin Fenn
From: Damon Allen
Thanks for all your hard work on the AGC meeting and new Board member information packets! Greatest AGC meeting ever!

To: Megan Sausser
From: Damon Allen
Great job at the AGC meeting and thanks for the help with the new board member meeting! Best ever pics and editorial

To: Cameron Lowe
From: Deborah Gravett
Thank you, Cameron, for using your skills to update the data capture in Landesk to include image-deployment data. This will save myself and others time over and over again.

To: Brandy Ferris
From: Travis Ingle
Thank you for always helping me with my driver license microfilm retrieval questions. By helping me you are also helping others.

To: Michelle Radford
From: Keenan Wallace
Thank you for being so willing to help and quickly resolving my customer's issue so I could finish helping them in the lobby today!

To: Lori Chapman & Lori Rowell
From: Keylean Quinones
Thank you, Lori, for your help withthe backlog of Restricted-Driving Permits. I appreciate you!


Published 03-29-19