2019 Idaho Aviation Accident Scorecard shows overall progress despite slight yearly increase

In 2014, Idaho’s Division of Aeronautics developed an aviation accident scorecard to track the progress of its aviation safety initiatives throughout the year. The 2019 report shows a slight increase in Idaho aviation accidents recently, but still reflects an overall reduction in accidents in Idaho since safety has been emphasized.

“While we have seen our rates decline overall, we had a slight increase in this reporting period,” said Idaho Division of Aeronautics Administrator Mike Pape. Aviation crashes increased from 22 in 2016 to 29 in 2017, and fatal crashes increased from 1 to 3 year over year.

Overall, accidents have decreased by 28% since the Division of Aeronautics began focusing on accident-reduction.

The 2019 report, compiled directly from the NTSB accident database, covers Idaho aviation accidents that occurred in 2017 – there is a two-year reporting delay as accidents are being investigated. 

“The goal of the report is to provide local pilots with lessons-learned accident information, as well as determine the area of emphasis that we will prioritize for further training,” Pape said.  

He added that his goal is to reduce the uptick in general aviation accidents. The Division of Aeronautics incorporates several annual training events for piiots in order to encourage safer practices and behaviors.

Published 03-29-19