It's Roadeo Time Again!
2019 events improve training,
skill, safety

The annual Equipment Roadeos are scheduled to begin May 16  in District 2, and finish June 18 with the state competition in District 3. All ITD employees are encouraged to participate as contestants or judges.  If you are interested, contact the district coordinator (listed below with the schedule). The districts will be providing great food and refreshments throughout the day, so come out and enjoy the opportunity to meet your fellow employees.

State Roadeo Coordinator Kelley Dick said, “The course is set to test your driving and operating abilities — the challenge is to come and do your best operating a 10-wheel snow plow, 3-cubic-yard loader, and a backhoe in a controlled environment."

"Come see who has it in them to take the top spots from last year’s champs-- Trent Maupin (D6) and Ty Winther (D2). The events were retooled last year to entice all employees to get involved. They will be re-shaped again for this year to test your skills and abilities.”

While the roadeos recognize participants with the highest score based on ability, the safe operation of equipment is the ultimate goal.

"Safe operations of the equipment is the main focus area. Every event includes a safety aspect," said Dick.

Participants at the ITD roadeos are judged on their ability to follow safety procedures. The national roadeos also judge the contestants on following proper safety protocols. Contestants are docked points for not wearing safety belts and/or for not maintaining three points of contact when entering or exiting the cab.

Additionally, the ITD roadeo bylaws also require participants to demonstrate safe behaviors during the events, including wearing the proper personal safety equipment (PPE).

If you are worried about participating because you don’t have a CDL or have never used the equipment, ITD Trainer & Development Program Supervisor Amanda Regnier said “There have been some questions regarding employees participating in the truck rodeo prior to their completion of the Equipment Operator Training Program (EOTP). Since the Roadeo is considered a training event in a controlled environment, all employees regardless of completion of the EOTP are welcome to participate.”

Four winners from each district will participate in the state roadeo in D3 June 18 to determine which two will advance to participate in the national roadeo in Loveland, Colorado, in the fall.

Below is the schedule for roadeo events this summer:

2019 Equipment Roadeo Schedule and Coordinators
D2—May 16 (Thursday) Orofino-Dworshak Dam - Blake Thompson
D1—May 23 (Thursday) Bonners Ferry Mtce. Yard- George Shutes
D5—June 4 (Tuesday) Pocatello HQ Main Complex - Anthony Richards
D6—June 6 (Thursday) Arco Mtce. Yard - Cody Schmidt
D4—June 11 (Tuesday) Twin Falls Mtce. Yard - Dave Dana
D3—June 13 (Thursday) Blacks Creek Gravel Pit - Janet Gregory

STATE—D3—June 18 (Tuesday) Blacks Creek



Published 04-05-19