“That word ‘donor’ represents hope"
149 lives saved in Idaho in 2018

If you could save a life, wouldn’t you? Idahoans’ answer to that question is a resounding ‘YES!’

There are now more than a million people in Idaho registered as organ donors, making the Gem State one of the top seven states in the nation in terms of percentage of the overall population (Idaho has 1.6 million residents).

An event April 9 in the Headquarters’ lobby in Boise celebrated the achievement of that milestone, and allowed many of our partners in the effort to step into the spotlight momentarily.

"I really appreciate the help and support we get from everyone at ITD," said Intermountain Donor Services Director Alex McDonald. "It has been a great partnership over the last 25+ years."

ITD's DMV plays a critical role, as the decision to be an organ donor is reflected on the state drivers licenses.

A few of the people who had benefitted from donation or who had a family member donate, also spoke at the event. One of them was Merilyn Thompson, who received a transplant 18 years ago and gave us the quote that is this article's headline.

Check out the video from the event.

Last year, donors in the state helped save nearly 150 Idaho lives with organ and tissue transplants. In addition, Idahoans donated 400 corneas for transplants, giving the gift of sight.

There are 114,000 people throughout the country waiting on life-saving organ donations.

Published 04-12-19