PERSI Performance

Employees can choose a wide variety of things to do with their money, from investments in real-estate holdings, rental properties, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and the day-to-day living that typically have nothing to do with saving at all. However, we all have one thing in common as state employees – the Public Employees Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI).

PERSI has historically had some very good years, and is poised to do so again.

+10.75% Calendar Year 2019 Return To Date (through April 12).
The fund was up by 11.7% in late January, but dropped when international developed and emerging markets tanked at the end of the final quarter.
+ $18.3 billion total fund value

According to the PERSI investment statement, "This recovery is primarily due to increased optimism on trade issues, the Fed affirming that it has paused interest rate hikes, the end of the government shutdown, and signs of economic persistence (including a rebounding jobs number). Global prospects, however, remain subdued, with a material slowdown in China (although with some signs of a bottoming), a moribund Japan, clear signs of a retreat in Europe (compounded with difficulties in Italy, a slowing Germany, and the ever-present Brexit fiasco). The consensus remains that a recession is still at least a year or two away."

PERSI was created in 1963 by the Idaho Legislature to provide secure, long-term pension benefits for public employees. The system is funded through investment income, and employer and employee contributions. It serves about 155,000 members, retirees and beneficiaries throughout the state. In fiscal year 2018, PERSI paid out $782.2 million to retirees living in Idaho.

Published 07-13-18