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Percent of Pavement in Good or Fair Condition
Goal: Sustain 80% of all state highways in good or fair condition.

Percent of Pavement in Good or Fair Condition
CY 2018



Why This Is Important

Pavement condition has an impact on the operating costs of passenger and commercial vehicles.  Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, preservation and reconstruction treatments extend the useful life of pavements in the State Highway System.

How We Measure It

Roughness and rutting are measured by driving a specially equipped rating van over the entire State Highway System during spring and summer.  Cracking is measured in the summer and fall by a visual inspection and digital video recordings of the System.  The collected data and the visual inspections are then used to rate pavement conditions as good, fair, poor or very poor.

What We're Doing About It

ITD focuses on internal efficiencies to maximize investments in the system.  Investment decisions are prioritized to keep highways in good or fair condition to avoid costly replacement.  The department has implemented new management systems to strategically schedule preventiative maintenance and preservation projects at the optimal time across the state.

Percent of Pavement in Good or Fair Condition

  Actual Percent
  Predicted Percent based on Historical Net Deterioration Rate