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Percent of Bridges in Good Condition
Goal: Maintain at least 80% of all bridges in the State Highway System in good condition.

Percent of Bridges in Good Condition
CY 2018



Why This Is Important

Ensuring that Idaho's bridges are in good condition protects transportation investments and lowers repair costs while maintaining connectivity and commerce.  Commerce depends on the carrying capacity and reliability of roads and bridges.

How We Measure It

The measurement is the ratio of deck area (or plan dimension) of bridges in good condition to the deck area of the entire inventory of state bridges stated as a percentage.

What We're Doing About It

Idaho strategically schedules preservation and restoration projects to improve deteriorating bridges across the state.  Over time, increased investments will be needed to achieve this goal.

Number of State Bridges 50 Years or Older
(reflects the planned bridge replacements in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program)

Percent of Bridges in Good Condition

  Actual Percent

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