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Reported Range of Turnaround Time for Vehicle Title Issuance in 2015
--Number of Days--

  Minimum No. of Days
  Maximum No. of Days

What is Important to Know About This Data?

Idaho measures turnaround time using the number of days elapsed from the time of title application at county offices to the date of issuance from ITD headquarters, which includes up to 4 days mailing time from county offices to headquarters.

Other states vary widely in organizational structure and processing methods.  Some states process and mail titles from a central location while others are decentralized with titles issued immediately over the counter.  Some states measure business days instead of calendar days.  Some states only start counting when an application is received in the mail.  Such variations significantly impact the reported results.  This chart represents the minimum and maximum title turnaround time for surrounding states at a particular point in time.  Therefore, this snapshot of reporting states is not comparable to ITD's monthly reported averages.

ITD should not be considered a source for information about other states.

Why Compare Ourselves to Surrounding States?

The Idaho Transportation Department is committed to performance improvement.  The surrounding states with similar performance measures are viewed as valuable resources for best practices.

Although measures between states are not identical, using these measures as benchmarks allows ITD to identify leading-edge practices and to exchange information with other states for mutual performance improvement.

Managing for performance is critical to ITD's ability to make strategic investments and demonstrate measurable results.