Driver's Handbook - Audio Version

Follow along in the handbook to view diagrams and examples while listening to the audio version of the Idaho Driver's Handbook.

Idaho Driver's Handbook Section Audio File - MP3
Idaho Driver's Handbook (PDF file) - Entire Handbook document Play (3:00:12 min)
Preface, Introduction, Fees Play (5:30 min)
One Driver, One License, One Record Play (41:30 min)
Vehicle Equipment & Safety Play (8:37 min)
Highway & Vehicle Knowledge Play (23:54 min)
Traffic Laws & Rules of the Road Play (24:24 min)
The Driving Task Play (11:05 min)
Sharing the Road Play (41:29 min)
What Affects Your Driving Privilege and Record | What to Expect and Do When Stopped by Law Enforcement Play (18:09 min)
Practice Test Questions & Answers | Rear Cover Publishing and Contact Information Play (5:53 min)

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