Protect your family's financial future

Icon Credit Union
The most important asset we have is our ability to provide an income for our families and ourselves. We don’t think about the value of human capital until we are in a situation where we can no longer work because of death or disability.
If we are laid off or fired we have the option to find another job. If we are disabled we may not be physically or mentally capable of performing the same type of position or any job.

We must also consider the value of the person in your household who takes care of the home and children and what it would cost if you had to pay for childcare, meal preparation, or house cleaning. We must be careful not to undervalue the contributions made to the home and family.

At Icon Financial Services, we want you to have a secure financial future. If you would like a free life and/or disability insurance review, please contact Jeff Currie at 344-7948 ext. 270 or Amy Herber at 947-0123 ext. 123.

Published 6-24-2011