Accolades: Exceeding customers' expectations

District 3's Todd Dayong was in the right place at the right time, and Natalie Bowby is forever thankful.

Bowlby sent an e-mail message to ITD to acknowlege Daylong's help with an incapacitated automobile.

"I would like to recognize one of your employees, Todd Daylong, as an extraordinary citizen," she began. "I found myself stranded ... having mechanical issues with my car. I went to the closest gas station I could find to check/refill the fluids, but after entering the gas station in a panic, I regrettably found that I locked my car keys (and cell phone) in my car

"In my moment of need, Mr. Daylong pulled up into the space next to mine and offered his assistance right away. After much diligence and patience, he was able to get me into my car. But he did not stop there - he helped me with my car problems, adding oil and checking the fluids to make sure I was able to drive safely.

"I cannot thank Mr. Daylong enough for his assistance, especially in a day where it doesn’t seem there are many genuine people left. He was remarkable, and I am truly indebted to him and his selflessness."

Thankful for Interstate 84/Garrity improvements

Josh Benney, Nampa, appreciates his new and improved route and took some of the time he saved to send an e-mail to District 3.

Benney, commenting on the new I-84, Garrity Boulevard Interchange in Nampa (which finished that day), said “I must say the construction is looking nice and better traffic flow - I see MUCH improved roadways. I say Kudos!!”

Published 7-11-2011