ITD Mailbox

Service beyond expectations

Debra Dopieralski,
ITD. Division of Motor Vehicles

Thank you, Debra, for your help on June 8 in extending my expired driver’s license.

I was flying across the county to visit my 93-year-old father in Virginia and had just learned from the TSA agent at the Boise Airport my license had expired. I panicked since I would be unable to rent a car once I arrived at Dulles and reach my father in the Virginia countryside.

But you, Debra, calmed my fears and fixed everything. You faxed me the extension request form during my layover in Denver, which I filled out and faxed back to you. You looked up the rental car agency’s fax number at Dulles since Directory Assistance gave me the wrong number, and you faxed them the extension form.

And you even gave me your personal phone number in case I needed to check with you.

Once I arrived in D.C., I called you and had you fax me another copy of the extension form in case the rental car agency hadn’t received the one you sent (and amazingly they never got it.)

So please accept my sincere thanks. You went above and beyond the call of duty. I told a number of people in Virginia about all you did to help me and they were amazed, saying they didn’t know anyone who would go out of their way as you did. I would hope it’s an Idaho thing, but perhaps it’s just you.

Again, thank you.

Kathy Seibold,

Published 7-22-2011