Transporter survey designed to make improvements

The Transporter has been an important information tool for employees since the Department of Highways became the Idaho Transportation Department in the 1970s. Like the department and the industry, the Transporter has steadily evolved.

In 2002 it moved from a twice-monthly printed publication that was distributed to employees on payday weeks to a weekly online publication accessible on the Intranet and Internet.

To ensure it remains relevant and useful, the Office of Communications is requesting responses to a short survey. The form is available here as a PDF. Employees are encouraged to print the form, rate the information used and desired, then return the form through department mail. Forms also can be faxed to the Office of Communications in Boise at (208) 334-8563 or can be scanned and sent by e-mail to mel.coulter@itd.idahogov.

“Your responses are necessary to ensure the Transporter continues to meet your needs,” said Mel Coulter, who edits the weekly publication. “It provides a way for you to indicate your preferences about the kind of information you find useful, the best means of delivery, and suggestions for improving the publication.”

The survey is a customer satisfaction effort that will help the Office of Communications identify parts of the Transporter that need to be improved or changed.

Download the Transporter pdf survey

Published 7-11-2011