Abandoned water line leak damage U.S. 30

Repairs began this week and will extend into next week after an abandoned water line under U.S. 30 filled with irrigation water and caused the road to sink in on Wednesday (July 27). The pipe has been temporarily plugged by the city of Buhl water department.

During exploratory digging Wednesday, an ITD crew located the leaking water pipe. The water, from a neighboring farm field, ruptured the aged pipe and saturated the ground below the roadway, eroding the pavement.

The excavated section will remain open over the weekend to allow the road base to dry and gain stability. The hole, in the eastbound lane of U.S. 30 near the east city limit, is protected by a concrete barrier with a temporary lane in the center median of the roadway. The recommended speed limit through the work zone is 20 mph.

With hot weather in the forecast, it is anticipated that the ground will dry enough for crews from both ITD and the Buhl water department to return on Monday (Aug. 1) to complete repairs.

Published 7-29-2011