Questionnaire first step in process to review
employee compensation, career advancement

All completed employee questionnaires due Aug. 22

ITD employees have an opportunity to help refine their jobs and define their ITD future by completing the Position Description Questionnaire.

The questionnaire is fundamental to a 6-7- month process to evaluate current positions and begin discussions about career paths and advancement opportunities. All employees must complete the 18-page questionnaire by Aug. 22, explains Jim Fox, managing director of Fox Lawson and Associates.

A division of Gallagher Benefit Solutions (Itasca, Ill.,) FL&A has worked with public and private organizations the past quarter-century to conduct employee compensation and human resource studies.

Fox is leading a comprehensive study of ITD positions, job descriptions and career advancement opportunities. By the end of the process – anticipated to be February 2012 – Fox and his associates will make detailed recommendations to ITD ‘s Executive Team and to the Idaho Transportation Board.

The study has two components, Ness explains.

“First, we will review all job functions to ensure we understand the work you do. Next, we will establish career ladders and core competencies so that you will know what you need to progress in your career.

“I originally thought we would ask only a cross-section of employees to answer the position description questionnaire. But, as I have met with many of you, I heard you say you wanted an opportunity for input. Therefore, I invite all employees to participate in the study – and I think it is in everyone’s interest to do so. The more information you provide, the better decisions we can make.”

Fox emphasized that point when he outlined the process for employees this week at Headquarters and by video conference to all six districts.

He said he looks forward to beginning a review of 1,827 completed questionnaires by September. Full participation is encouraged to form a complete and accurate picture of the department and to make sound recommendations for improving our job structure, compensation approach, and employee advancement.

Employees who are unable to attend one of the sessions or watch it live in the districts, will be able to review it on the department’s Intranet site as soon as the video can be prepared.

Issues we are trying to address

  • Internal equity
  • Assignment of jobs to the correct pay grade based on duties and responsibilities
  • Clarification of job competencies and career ladders
  • Determine fair market value of jobs
  • Place employees in the right job title and each job title in the right pay grade at the right level of pay

The purpose of the study is to ensure that:

  • Your job has the right title
  • Titles are standardized and reflect the nature and level of work performed
  • Jobs are equitably aligned
  • Employees are paid fairly
  • There is a clear, concise way of maintaining the system in the future

Surveys must be completed and submitted to an employee’s immediate supervisor for review and response by Aug. 22. They will be forwarded Human Resource Services to be reviewed by Fox Lawson & Associates by the end of August for the beginning of a three-month job analysis study.

A salary study will follow by the end of January. A final report will be provided to executive leadership in February.

Published 8-5-2011