Wave your pennant and show your true colors Friday

Friday, Sept. 2, is not a sanctioned state holiday, but it will afford employees a chance to dress more casually than usual.

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter invites state employees to show their true (collegiate) colors on the eve of college football kickoffs around the country.

“WHEREAS, College Colors Day, which coincides with both back to school and the kickoff of intercollegiate athletics, including football, on college and university campuses in the State of Idaho, seeks to celebrate and promote the traditions and spirit that make the college experience great through encouraging fans, alumni and students to wear apparel of their favorite college throughout the day of September 2, 2011…

"Now therefore, I, C.L. “Butch” Otter, Governor of the State of Idaho, do hereby proclaim September 2, 2011, as College Colors Day.”

The governor’s proclamation is an acknowledgment that dozens of colleges and universities are located in Idaho, providing educational opportunities to thousands of Idaho residents and non-residents, that colleges and universities have served Idaho for more than a century, and that “intercollegiate athletics in Idaho provide scholarship opportunities to thousands of young men and women.”

The proclamation included a call to colors from Rachael Bickerton, director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement at Boise State University.

“We invite you and your company to join us Friday, September 2, 2011, to celebrate College Colors Day in the State of Idaho,” Bickerton wrote. “The intention of the day is to celebrate nationally, school pride and promote higher education.”

She calls for employers to “allow their staff to wear their alma mater, regardless of location or university. While College Colors Day coincides with ‘back to school’ and the kickoff of college football season, the intention of the celebration is to advocate higher education through increased public awareness, and to celebrate college and university achievements to further acknowledge their fundamental importance.”

Published 8-26-2011