Credit union urges students to do homework before college

From Icon Credit Union. Adapted from Accel Financial Services
We all know how expensive college is. Are there ways to reduce the cost of a college education?

Whether you or your children are heading back to school or even just looking at colleges, conversations of how much will it cost always comes up. As you explore options, a plan to anticipate the costs of school can drastically impact the costs of education. Being that there are many choices that impact college education costs, make sure to start researching and communicating with your family early on in the process. By doing so, you and your family can make wise and informed decisions. 

Here are some ideas that may lead to significant savings in college costs:

  1. Attend a community college for two years.
  2. Choose an in-state school instead of an out-of-state school.
  3. Live at home during college. A large amount of money can be saved on room and board when you live at home during the college years.
  4. Get involved in the AmeriCorps program. A student can earn education awards in exchange for national service. There are also some loan forgiveness programs in fields such as teaching, medical service and some police and firefighting fields.
  5. Explore the many military options that are available.
  6. Become a Resident Assistant to pay the cost of room and board for each academic year that you’re hired into that position. If you want to live on campus, you can become involved with leadership activities on campus, be a model citizen in the resident hall and obtain financial reward at the same time.
  7. Evaluate the cost of living on campus versus living off campus.
  8. Decide whether you will go to school full time or part time.

Explore all options with your family and work together to create an enjoyable experience.

Published 8-19-2011