Brown-bag lunch to focus on cross-cultural communication

When communicating with each other, the “what we want to communicate” is often more simple than the “how we communicate it.” Add an overlay of cultural differences and effective communication can get complicated.

Rep. Cherie Buckner-Webb (D-Dist. 19) will talk about how to improve cross-cultural communication at ITD’s second brown-bag lunch series focusing on diversity at noon Sept. 28 in the Headquarters Auditorium. The program will be broadcast to all ITD district offices using the department’s video-conference technology.

Her program will explore how individual perceptions influence the communication process, the effect of unconscious bias and methods for improving communication in order to foster an environment that is welcoming and encourages everyone to participate and bring his or her best to the workplace.

In addition to state legislative responsibilities, Buckner-Webb is the founder and principal of Sojourner Coaching, “Supporting highly motivated women and men to navigate the waters of their lives with purpose.”

The certified professional coach and consultant has an extensive international business background, including positions in program management, diversity consultation, sales and marketing, business and organizational development, operations and e-commerce.

Her expertise includes cross-cultural collaboration, leadership development, facilitation, consultation, and coaching for individuals, teams and organizations. She also assists colleges and universities with developing diversity programs, classes and training.

Published 9-16-2011