New 'PASS' process to streamline access approval

In the old days you would fill out Form 2333 when a new employee arrived or someone changed jobs at ITD. You would hand-carry it to several offices for signatures, then submit it for actions or access to the appropriate office.

And then you waited. If all worked well, the new or reassigned employee would receive an e-mail account, network access and an identification/building access card by the end of his or her first week.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all that could be accomplished more efficiently and before the employee arrived or transferred to another office?

A new solution should be in place next month that will streamline the process and reduce the number of steps required to complete access requests, including:

  • Fuel card
  • Computer systems (ITD Advantage and Transportation Asset Management System)
  • Building access
  • Telephone and voice-mail, and
  • The active directory

The joint effort involving ITD's Project Management Office (PMO), Business and Support Management , Finance, Payroll, ETS and Human Resource Services identified and secured a new automated network-based process that will replace the paper-based forms 2333 (access) and 1212 (I.D. badge).

PASS (permission access support system) “provides for an audit trail of all transactions and allows the administrator to pinpoint progress anywhere in the system,” explains Mark Borkowski, a software trainer who will help administrators and supervisors learn the new process.

The new electronic form will route automatically to Enterprise Technology Services, Payroll, Finance, Human Resources and the Transportation Asset Management System, depending on the requests indicated on the form, Borkowski says.

Dave Merriweather of the PMO and Shanah Percy of Human Resources have been working with the Chicago-based software vendor Integrify to introduce a business process management program that uses electronic routing for access tracking and approval.

Merriweather said he is not aware of any other Idaho agency using the Integrify business management software, but it could be adapted and used by other internal programs and outside organizations – any applications that rely on electronic routing and tracking.

An administrative support professional or an immediate supervisor usually generates a request for employee access. With the new system, it can be sent from one point to multiple recipients for approval and can be tracked throughout the process.

If there are delays, they can be easily identified and addressed.

Equally important, the new system will provide documentation for closure when an employee leaves ITD, Percy explains. Removing access, purging employees from the network and e-mail systems and retrieving ID badges sometimes wasn’t completed upon an individual’s exit.

With PASS, the closure process can occur at the same time of separation, improving records and security, Merriweather says.

Borkowski is finishing a series of four training videos to help supervisors and support staff lean how to use PASS. The videos and additional details about the new process will be available on the Intranet/Transporter page in the near future.

Published 9-30-2011