New PerksCards available; reregistration required

Several years ago ITD introduced the discount PerksCard purchasing option for employees as a way of saying thanks for their continued service. The Perks Card is a program that works with local businesses and service providers to extend discounts to ITD employees.

There is no cost to the state or to ITD, but employees can take advantage of the discounts to stretch their budgets.

Perks Card recently announced important changes in the program. Original Perks Cards have expired. To receive a new one, employees can go to the Perks Card website ( to register. Directions for registering and printing new cards are available from the company.

“Once you register and print your new card, you are ready to search on this same website for discounts available locally and nationally,” explains ITD coordinator Debby McCarthy. “If you have any ideas you would like to share regarding businesses to add or questions on this procedure, please contact your district or Headquarters Human Services representative.

Published 10-21-2011