ITD introduces new five-year transportation plan
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Idaho’s five-year transportation plan, which includes highway construction schedules and transportation projects, is available in an improved format that makes it easier to understand and track projects.

The 5-Year Idaho Transportation Department Investment Plan contains the 2012-2016 project list for state highways, bridges, public transportation, railroad crossings, aviation and non-motorized transportation.

“The purpose of this document is to communicate in non-technical terms what is in the plan,” said ITD Director Brian W. Ness. “Our last transportation plan was used to meet federal requirements, for ITD’s internal needs and to share with the public. As a result, the plan was a challenge for citizens to follow. Our new plan contains the same information, but in a more user-friendly document.”

The new plan shows:

  • What the department's funding assumptions are
  • What the transportation system needs are and the strategies to meet them
  • How projects are prioritized and selected
  • Which projects have been selected and when they will be completed, and
  • How progress is measured

“The public and elected officials have a high interest in how their transportation dollars are being invested. They also want to know if we are constructing the projects when promised,” Ness said. “Now citizens can see what we plan to do over the next five years and hold us accountable for delivering on those promises.”

The five-year plan can be viewed at the transportation department’s website,

Published 12-2-2011