GARNET project moving forward in modernization process

The 3M sessions have already proven useful in looking at our processes both for today and the future. Along with the discoveries made during the JAD sessions and use case review, several business processes and forms have been or will be changed. Some changes will be implemented the first of the year, and some will wait until complete implementation.

This is a list of changes in business processes planned by the Dealer Licensing Team:

  • Retail Dealer License numbers no longer correspond to the dealership type (i.e., no longer issue Franchise Car Dealers 0001-0999, Used Dealers 1000-1999, RV Dealers 6000-6999, etc.).
  • No longer issue Out of State Manufacturer Licenses. Now called Out of State Distributor Licenses.
  • No longer allow Out of State Distributors to have manufacturer plates.

Changes after implementation of Garnet:

  • Image documents to reduce/eliminate paper filing.
  • Formalized checklist to issue dealer licenses.
  • Look at dealership records via GARNET vs. legacy system requiring review of Extra & paper file.
  • Garnet will allow for Audit tracking/consumer complaints/dealer correspondence/MVI entries/reporting and other dealership tracking needs vs. currently using Outlook, Everest, Extra, Excel, and other tracking tools.
  • Workflow Management System.
  • Renewal package sent via GARNET. Will be prepared without the need to hand sort and process from print shop to mailroom.
  • All plates processed in consistent manner through GARNET vs. loaner renewal cards going through registration team and other’s through dealer team. Loaner plates will be part of the renewal package along with all other dealer plates eliminating use of post cards and separate mailings.
  • Garnet generates correspondence and links it to the customer record for reproduction if required.
  • Better tracking and automatic expiration of salesmen licenses; when they fail to get photo taken.
  • Billing management through Escrow accounts and ATMM to allow for customer driven billing (i.e., customer can put money in Escrow for future use so that an order can be processed over the phone without waiting for checks to arrive through USPS.).
  • ATMM system allows for elimination of billing dealers and customers for service(s) provided.

Benefits In future:

  • One person one record basis of GARNET so salespeople/dealer and driver license records reside in one repository.
  • Motor Vehicle Investigator interfaces with customers (VIN inspections, complaints, etc.) will be in one repository.
  • Verify personal information via one system.
  • ATMM would allow MVI and Dealer Licensing agents to process credit card billing to expedite orders.

The participants of the Motor Vehicle and Registration Services (MOVRS) phases have been working relentlessly during their JAD sessions, and review of business rules and use cases.

This phase is extremely large and has many details and facets to it. All of you who work on, touch, review, or look at these records can understand the complexity of this phase. Kudos to all of the participants who are engaged and who are eager to make it the best system we can. As we’ve said before, thank you, thank you, thank you to the participating counties lending us their staff for this huge project.

For other information realted to the DMV modernization project, please see the GARNET newsletter.

Published 12-23-2011