One Team targets impaired holiday drivers across the Northwest

Local law enforcement agencies are using a new tool in the effort to locate and stop impaired drivers on Idaho highways this holiday season.

The “One Team” concept will have law enforcement agencies in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana coordinating their impaired driving enforcement efforts as part of the national impaired driving crackdown.

Many rural law enforcement agencies in the Pacific Northwest lack the resources to conduct effective high-visibility enforcement on their own.

The public’s concern for safety has generated a need for improved coordination, sharing of resources and information between numerous public safety, transportation and other related agencies, explained Lisa Losness with the Office of Highway Safety.

With few exceptions, agencies have limited funds to support a wide range of responsibilities and mandates.

“The ‘One Team’ concept leverages their resources and provides an opportunity to practice mutual aid initiatives, and of sharing resources, staff and communication for enhanced services,” Losness said.

“The men and women of law enforcement may wear different uniforms but share a common goal of protecting our families, friends and children from impaired drivers,” she said.

Photo: Treasure Valley law enforcement officers participated in one of several “One Team” publicity activities that took place in Idaho.

Published 12-30-2011