Icon Credit Union: Reflecting on 60 years of change

Connie Miller
CEO, Icon Credit Union

In anticipation of our 60th Anniversary as a credit union in 2012, I have been reflecting on the vast number of changes for Icon Credit Union. These changes include moving our first small office, located in downtown Boise in the 1950s, to our current Rose Street location that houses our largest branch today. The past 60 years have included opening of branch locations that will serve more members with more convenient locations, including the recent addition of our beautiful Meridian branch. We have changed our name, expanded our charter, added services and much more – all to stay relevant and growing.

Members often remind me how much they love “their” credit union. They share names of Icon employees that have gone above and beyond in service. They mention other members who they have met through Icon. This sense of ownership means that most of our deposit growth is coming to us by word-of-mouth from members to their family and friends. This means we are doing something right … no, a lot right. It’s a positive thing that consumers, family and friends want to experience something that is anything but a boring bank. People want to be treated like … people!

When I talk to our long-time members, I occasionally am asked, “Are we getting too big? Are we getting too bank-like? Are we going to lose the personal touch?” The answer is simply no! Adding new members, new services and new locations allow us to continue to be viable in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

In order to stay relevant, we must continue to find ways to offer service that is not just different than what our members can receive at a bank, but much better. Let’s face it; banking is a choice that doesn’t come with lots of excitement. So it is our job to make that experience a delightful one! I know when I talk to members, they love icon and appreciate what we are doing to make their lives more convenient. They like that our staff is enthusiastic, respect them as individuals, and provide solutions to them that are personal and just what they need. We are finding new ways to be an advocate for the member – whether that is helping them with a difficult mortgage situation, completing a financial review with our licensed financial advisor, or creating a budget plan so a young couple can get into their first home much sooner.

I occasionally hear, “Why do the faces change so often?” I know why this is an important question. Members have built valuable relationships with our staff because of the personal touch we add to our services, and it’s hard when their favorite personal banker changes seats. We continue to evaluate staff retention because we know it is important to our members. We have enhanced our hiring practices to look for staff that want to work with higher standards – standards that lead to an educated and delightful experience for our member. We can do everything else right as a credit union, but if we miss this component, we have failed.

60 years later, Icon is still here for our members. We are relevant and growing – and will continue to be both for many years if we don’t lose sight of what is most important – creating the delightful experience for our members every time we touch them. Thank you to every member, employee and community partner that has been part of our success.

If you have any feedback or input about Icon’s direction, changes, etc., please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can reach me at (208) 908-5216, ext. 444 or e-mail me at connie@iconcreditunion.org.

Published 1-6-2012