Headquarters plans Wednesday service awards ceremony

The Idaho Transportation Board, colleagues and family will gather Wednesday to honor Headquarters employees who reached professional milestones or retired during the second half of 2011. The recognition ceremony will be at 10 a.m. in the Darrell V Manning Auditorium/Boardroom. Employees are encouraged to arrive early to secure seating because standing-room-only turnouts are typical.

Thirty-four employees will be honored for reaching new employment plateaus, including two who will mark 35 years with the state of Idaho. Twenty employees, with careers ranging from six to 35 years, are among the latest Headquarters class of retirees, led by Mary Hunter, 33 years; Ron Kerr and Shanah Percy, 34 years, and Ray Baker, 35 years. Combined, they served Idaho 482 years, or an averae of 24.1 years per person.

Refreshments will be available in the lobby immediately after the ceremony.

Spring 2012 Headquarters Service Awards
5 years
10 years
15 years
25 years
Carrie Akers Eva Escalante Randi Bristol Bill Fogg
Erika Bowen Gary Genova Frank Lester James Hill
Ping Yerby Michelle George Rinda Mitchell Judy Pittman
Brandy Ferris Debby McCarthy Carolyn Schubach
30 years
Kathleen Hall Mollie McCarty
20 years
Greg Bond
Travis Ingle Sharon Neumann Callie Downum Bryan Smith
Dianna Magstadt Mike Sprague John Gates Cher Wheless
Jeff Osieczonek Tanya Martin
35 years
Jack Ransom Scott Stokes Greg Christensen
Tracy Seganos Barbara Waite Teresa Rhodes
Charles Gordon, 6 years Cargie Aitchison, 21 years Donna Ball, 26 years Linda Anderson, 30 years
Clyde Osler, 8 years Dave Gjesdal, 23 years Chris Stuart, 26 years Mary Hunter, 33 years
Barbara Meyer, 12 years Hal Putnam, 23 years Peggy Anderson, 27 years Ron Kerr, 34 years
Chris Derbidge, 19 years Rick Day, 25 years Roy Jost, 28 years Shanah Percy, 34 years
Pat Williams, 19 years Jim Stocker, 25 years Ron Mackelprang, 28 years Ray Baker, 35 years


Published 3-9-2012