Pausing to say thanks for your many contributions

ITD employees at Headquarters lavished praise on each other; walked for their health; indulged in ice cream, cake, milk and cheese; put their talents on stage; and watched their e-mail for winning contest notifications this week.

Human Resource Services organized and conducted an array of activities to thank employees for their tireless service to the state and each other as part of the annual State Employees Appreciation week.

Colleagues in each of ITD’s districts also developed or are planning events to focus attention on the achievement of state employees.

Funds for employee appreciation purchases at Headquarters were provided by executive management, senior leadership and the DoRolCo employee organization.

Employees had an opportunity to thank their colleagues by filling out and posting appreciation cards. The also were invited to guess the number of items in a jar and matched antique photos with the correct employee, watched Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons at noon in the auditorium, and enjoyed free “chair” massages.

Participating organizations included the United Dairymen of Idaho, Idaho Athletic Club, Idaho Central Credit Union, Icon Credit Union, D’Dhaw Beauty School,

Published 5-11-2012