Leave the solo commutes in the garage this month

If you want to make an impact on your health and that of your community, you might consider taking a major step – literally. Put your feet to work by walking or bicycling to work if you live within a reasonable distance.

Too much of a stretch? Try carpooling, van-pooling or public transportation. But during the annual May in Motion campaign, try to abandon the single-occupant vehicle as a means of commuting.

The Ada County Highway District's Commuteride sponsors the annual May in Motion as a way of encouraging drivers to try alternative commutes as a way of improving air quality and reducing congestion.

Need other reasons for abandoning the solo commute? Consider these:

Top 10 reasons to participate in May in Motion 2011

No. 10. You’re saving money.  This week alone gas is $3.77!
No. 9. All 4-10 work schedules (four 10-hour shifts instead of five eight-hour days) count towards participation. Just record your trips saved by working a 4-10 work schedule on our May In Motion Tracking form. Don’t forget to turn it in. On average they save four days off the road each month.
No. 8. Employees who walk to work enjoy the benefits of their beautiful commute giving them a chance to contemplate their approaching day while saving miles off the road and improving their health. Just think of all the parking fees they save.
No. 7. Bikers who commute to work can show off their ride or stylish riding gear while improving their health and our air quality! Check out info on Boise Bike Week at www.boisebikeweek.com.
No. 6. Vanpoolers ride on the coolest ride in the Treasure Valley. Experience the luxury of relaxing on your ride to work instead of fighting traffic and congestion. Last year the vanpool fleet saved 22,121 trips off the valley roads during the month of May.

That represents more than 800 cars off the road a day. If you haven’t tried vanpooling yet, call today to reserve your spot and find the nearest vanpool route for you. Don’t forget the first month is free to try the service. We still have room for more riders and routes so give us a jingle at 345-POOL.
No. 5. You can come hang out with Commuteride staff, vendors and everyone else in the valley who want to celebrate May in Motion at 5 different events this year. 
No. 4. Be a part of the community that leads by example in alternative transportation usage. Last year we had 73 companies participate in May in Motion. Let’s do it again in 2012. Help your company reach for Platinum level. Be a part of the solution to the Treasure Valley’s pollution.
No. 3. Need help finding a carpool partner? Try www.idahorideshare.org. It is easy to register and enter your commute information. Then select match and up will pop up anyone who matches your commute. You can contact them through e-mail or give them a call. And best of all, rideshareonline.com is absolutely free. If you don’t find a partner on the first try, keep checking. New people enter their information every day.
No. 2. By participating in May in Motion 2012, you can brag to your co-workers that you are now a member of an elite club called “The Alternative Transportation Professionals Club” or ATPC for short. As an added bonus, you help your company earn valuable recognition within the community.
And the No. 1 reason to participate in our 2012 May in Motion Promotion is … It makes you feel good plus…

The many chances to win premium prizes, and it helps our air quality and congestion in the Treasure Valley.
It is free to participate, so keep track of your alternative transportation trips. Attached is the tracking sheet to turn in at the end of May to your coordinator.  Stay tuned for more May in Motion information coming soon to you.
Start looking now for your alternative transportation option for your commute. Begin today and start enjoying the benefits of saving money and helping our environment.
Please take a moment and check out the Commuteride website at http://www.commuteride.com, twitter at @commuteride and Facebook at ACHD Commuteride. If you have any questions, e-mail us at nstern@achdidaho.org or dlabbe@achdidaho.org

Published 5-4-2012