Validation process gives sneak preview of GARNET

Testing of software package components for the DMV’s GARNET modernization project is under way and at least one participant likes what she sees.

Leah Allen of ITD Driver Services recently participated in the Solution Validation Process (SVP) for Driver Record and Issuance Verification Solution (DRIVS). Nearly a week’s worth of SVP meetings helped 3M and ITD staff confirm that original system requirements, Idaho Code and Administrative Rules will be met within the functions of the GARNET software package.

“Right now, in the Extra system, I enter the same information two or three times,” Allen said.

For instance, to input one suspension record, she types information in multiple times using different screens. In the new GARNET system she saw in the DRIVS demo, she would just have to enter it once.

Allen also sees the benefit of the new system when referencing citations, like a traffic infraction.

“Right now in Extra, I have to go to three or four different screens to get information on just one citation, which results in a lot of backtracking,” she explained.

With GARNET, Allen could easily pull the citation information from one screen, making the process easier and faster to help customers who call in with questions about their unpaid citations

She believes the new GARNET system will feel like other Windows-based software, with more mouse clicking to navigate the system, and less like the Extra System, which is mostly tabbing.

“It’s true that the GARNET system brings a lot of change – and something to keep in mind is that some of this change helps make our jobs more streamlined,” Allen added.

NOTE: To see the latest GARNET progress, see the project newsletter. It is updated about six times annually.

Photo: Leah Allen (right) and other SVP participants got a sneak peek at what DRIVS screens might look like within the GARNET system, and she already sees two specific examples of how the new system will offer efficiencies in her day-to-day work: for suspensions and for citations.

Published 5-18-2012