Drivers learn texting while driving doesn't work even in simulations

Members of the news media, high school students and general public learned firsthand the dangers of texting while driving and the perils of driving impaired during “Safe Driving Days,” May 18, 19, hosted by the Idaho State Police.

The event, held at the ISP complex in Meridian, helped demonstrate how distractions caused by cell phones, smart phones and texting may significantly delay the ability to respond and react to all that can happen during a typical drive.

Texting while attempting to maneuver a golf cart through a closed course, racing a tricycle while wearing impairment goggles that simulate driving under the influence (DUI) and taking a turn at a driving simulator were among the activities available.

Seat belt and other safety demonstrations also took place throughout the two days

One young woman found the golf cart texting challenge to be more difficult than it first appeared when she was ejected from a golf cart onto the pavement while trying to text and negotiate a turn.

To see her texting tumble, click here.

Published 5-25-2012