ITD Joint highway repairs shows efficiency, cooperation

Concern over “soft spots” in the center of the road on U.S. 20 in Mountain Home north of Interstate 84 recently provided the opportunity for District 3 maintenance to operate in the forward-thinking, “can-do” culture ITD’s leadership has suggested.
The first request about having the contractor fix the soft spot as part of a thin-lift overlay repaving this summer in the area was denied because the funds were not there to add to the scope of the contract.
“However, the soft spots could easily become sinkholes, potholes or create cracking if left unattended,” said District Maintenance Engineer Tom Points.
Realizing that that the quality of the overlay would be compromised if the soft spot wasn’t fixed first, and unwilling to accept that outcome, the decision was made to have ITD maintenance forces fix the soft spot now rather than to wait and risk it not getting done.  Crews fixed it on Monday and Tuesday (June 11-12).
“This is a good example of what persistence and collaboration can accomplish,” explained District Engineer Dave Jones, “and a good example of the culture of accountability that we want to cultivate here.”

Published 6-15-2012