ISP warns against dark tinting on vehicle windows

The Idaho State Police wants you to know about window tinting. The window tint on your vehicle may be illegal. 

The focus behind the Tint Law is to provide safety for Law Enforcement officers and other first responders as they approach vehicles during traffic stops. Tint that is too dark makes it virtually impossible to see inside the vehicle, putting an officer at a disadvantage when trying to see the driver and passengers movements.

Additionally, dark tint can reduce the driver's visibility, especially at night placing motorists at risk. The tint law was created to strike a balance between the functional purpose of having tint on your windows while trying not to compromise traffic and officer safety.

Idaho's window tint law went into effect in 1992, and simply put, no person shall operate on the public highways, sell, or offer to sell any motorist a windshield or windows which are not in compliance with Idaho Law. 

A windshield cannot have tinting applied below the AS-1 line, or six inches below the top of the windshield. Non-reflective window tinting film or sun screening devices on the front side windows to the immediate right and left of the driver, front side vents, and the rear window cannot have less than 35 percent light transmission. 

Non-reflective window tinting film or sun screening devices on the side windows to the rear of the driver cannot have less than 20 percent light transmission. The tint law does allow for two exemptions with one being for medical conditions supported by written verification from a licensed physician and the other being for windshields or windows that are composed of, covered by, or treated with material when sold new from the manufacturer or authorized dealer. 

Tint violations are an infraction with a penalty of $67, which can be assessed to the driver as well as the person or place that installed the illegal tint. For more information, please contact Sgt. Zaugg Idaho State Police at (208) 525-7377.

Published 7-27-2012