ITD bridge management highlighted in USDOT publication

The U.S. Department of Transportation acknowledged ITD’s new bridge management program to be one of the best in the country in Focus Magazine, its monthly publication that accelerates infrastructure innovations.

Focus pointed to the improvement of ITD’s bridge program, along with those in Michigan and Virginia as being among the most innovative.

“In Idaho, Michigan, and Virginia, a commitment to using asset management practices for bridges and culverts has improved the condition and performance of structures statewide and result in a more strategic and systematic approach to transportation decision making,” according to the August issue of Focus.

“Emphasizing the use of a bridge management system to assist bridge owners in performing the right activity to the right bridge at the right time and at the right cost, is paramount to preserving our highway bridges and our overall transportation infrastructure,” said FHWA’s Wade F. Casey.

He referred to a new FHWA case study that examines how the three states have succeeded in embracing bridge management. Findings of the study – Bridge Management Practices in Idaho, Michigan and Virginia, pub. No. FHGWA-IF-12-029 – are available from the federal agency.

“The case study supports FHWA’s goal of promoting the use and understanding of bridge management systems,” said Shyan Uyng Pan, a representative of the federal agency.

The Focus article includes information on ITD’s use of the Pontis bridge management software to “store inventory data, condition data, and inspectors’ recommendations for work on bridges and culverts.”

The software is available through the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. ITD also uses the BridgeWatch program for real-time monitoring of 250 bridges to determine the level of bridge pier scouring.

In addition to the bridge management systems, ITD also has integrated other technology to determine most appropriate decision-making strategies to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective use of public funds.

The department uses a new Transportation Asset Management System (TAMS) and programs for financial planning, maintenance, fleet and equipment, mobility management and safety management.

See the FHWA’s Focus magazine on bridge management

Published 8-31-2012