St. Germain, Booty Busters finish strong at fitness challenge

Not bad for the first time out.

Judy St. Germain, a power walker and independent assurance inspector in Materials at District 3, walked 38:14.2 in the St. Luke’s Women’s Fitness Celebration 5K on Saturday (Sept. 22). That gave her the best time and first place in her age division in the “Fitness Walk” category. The 20th anniversary of the race drew some 552 competitive walkers.
St. Germain’s time was 16th best overall among all walkers.

Judy said she regularly walks on her work breaks and at lunch, then at the Emmett sports complex on weekends, but the St. Luke’s event was her first competition since knee surgery two years ago.

St. Germain, a seven-year ITD employee, also placed No. 2 overall in the Capitol Mall Fitness Challenge.

The Booty Busters, a team of four employees from D-3 Materials and another from Residency (Construction) also placed second overall in the weight-loss competition, shedding 6.67 percent of their combined body weight (about 57 lbs.), paced by St. Germain’s 11.04 percent.  
“I thought my time was good considering it was my first time, and I hope to keep getting faster,” St. Germain said.
“I hope to run it next year! I had a total knee replacement two years ago, so I’m working up to it,” she added.

Published 9-28-2012