Board to honor employees for professional milestones Oct. 18

Traveling Idaho’s highways generally is measured by mileposts, markers that show how far you have progressed from your first step – how far you have advanced in your journey.

The same might be said of a professional career, one that begins with a hiring date and is defined by annual increments. ITD employees who reached new professional milestones in the first half of 2012 will be honored for the steps they have taken in Oct. 18 during the Idaho Transportation Board meeting in Boise.

The board will recognize 44 Headquarters employees and formally bid farewell to 22 colleagues who reached the final milestone in their professional career – retirement. The fall 2012 Service Awards ceremony will begin at about 10 a.m. in the Darrel V Manning Boardroom and Auditorium.

Interestingly, the largest groups to be honored are those celebrating their first (five-year) milestone and those who have reached year 30; eleven Headquarters employees qualify in both groups.

Forrest Anderson, who retired after four decades in information technology, was the senior member of employees who embarked on retirement. Seven other retirees left after 30 years or more of service: Thomas Pfister, Smokey Maberry, Dave Amick, Randy Hirst, Mary Moren, Maggie Ranson and Jamie Zolber. Collectively, the seven retirees represent 227 years, or an average of 32.4 years each. Add Anderson’s 40 years to the equation and the eight senior ITD retirees account for 267 years or an average of 33.4 years per person.

In addition to the professional milestones and retirements, the board also will honor District 1 mechanic Pete Lenz as the department’s Maintenance Person of the Year and District 2 foreman Blake Thompson as the Safety Person of the Year. Profiles of both will appear in The Transporter later this month.

Five Years
Ten Years
Ken Angell, HR/ Personnel Admin. Janelle Catlin, Highway Operations, Administration
Dan Babcock, Enterprise Technology Services Jake Duplessie, Enterprise Technology Services
Louise Davis, Financial Services Sonna Lynn Fernandez, Planning
JV (John) DeThomas, Aeronautics Janet French, DMV, Administraton Services
Mindy Diehl, DMV Administration Tammie Jauregui, DMV, Administration Services
Dennis Kozisek, MV Special Permits Vic Parrish, Human Resources Safety & Risk Management
Fred Kreller, HPO, Design, Materials, Construction Dan Reed, DMV, Driver Records
Aspen McKinney, Business & Support Management
DeeDee Swanstrom, Transportation Performance
Brad Wolfinger, Environmental Services
Brenda Wynn, Research
Fifteen Years
Twenty Years
Jeff Carpenter, Enterprise Technology Services David Fulton, Enterprise Technology Services
CarinJoy Condon, Human Resource Services, Training Jack Irwin, Bridge Asset Management
Trudi Olmstead, Enterprise Technology Services Levi Sittser, FMV, Vehicle Services
Ned Parrish, Research  
Elise Rising, DMV, Administration Services
Twenty-five Years
Thirty Years
Rick Bachmeier, Right-of-Way Services Harold Bleil, Highway Operations, Traffic Services
Tore Borgeson, Enterprise Technology Services Tom Cole, Highways, Chief Engineer
Wayne Hamilton, Materials Cindy Francke, DMV, Driver Services
Larraine Hipwell, DMV, Vehicle Services Glenda Fuller, Roadway Data
Evelyn Schultz, Financial Services Steve Holland, Highway Operations, Traffic Services
Stacia Stansell, DMV, Vehicle Services Dennis Jensen, Highway Operations, Mobility Services
  Eric Moody, DMV, Driver Services
Forty Years
Ed Pemble, MV, Driver Services
Gwen Lough, Financial Services Carri Rosti, Internal Review
  Barry Takeuchi, DMV, Vehicle Services
Raelene Viste, Roadway Data
Kathleen O'Brien, 4 years Deborah Coles, 29 years
Diane Page, 7 years Vicki Johnson, 29 years
Jim Boyer, 8 years Doug Ware, 29 years
Marvin Brown, 13 years Thomas Pfister, 30 years
Bill Humphreys, 16 years Smokey Maberry, 31 years
Frank Lester, 16 years Dave Amick, 32 years
Susan Mulkey, 17 years Randy Hirst, 33 years
Mark Humphrey, 20 years Mary Moren, 33 years
John Gates, 21 years Maggie Ransom, 34 years
Judie Cahoon, 24 years Jamie Zolber, 34 years
Roger Kassens, 26 years Forrest Anderson, 40 years


Published 10-5-2012