ITD Mailbox

Assistance invaluable in executing search warrant

John Perfect,
District 1 operations manager

I would like to convey my personal thanks for all of the help and support from the Idaho Transportation Department in the execution of a federal search warrant in Shoshone County on Oct. 3, 2012.

The dump trucks, front loader and personnel you provided were critical in making this operation successful. We feel very fortunate to have partners such as your department. Please accept my sincere appreciation for all the help, and if there is anything I can do to reciprocate, please don’t hesitate to call.

Mary Farnsworth,
Forest Supervisor
Idaho Panhandle National Forests

Help with functional classification

Sonna Lynn Fernandez,
Highways Transportation Asset Management

Thank you so much for your assistance in getting the functional classification changed on Railroad Avenue in St. Maries.

This is a huge step for the city – one more baby step in getting that road fixed for the long term.

I know this was just one of the many things you had going on.

Melissa P. Cleveland,
Welch-Comer Engineers / Surveyors

Published 10-26-2012