ITD's Mike Cram receives coveted AASHTO award

ITD’s Mike Cram received national recognition for work on a team that developed a compensation matrix for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (ASSHTO).

Cram, a specialist in the Office of Internal Review at ITD, received the Dave Campbell Quality Award (DCQA) from AASHTO’s Administrative Subcommittee on Internal and External Audit at its annual meeting recently.

The award is in recognition of “significant contributions to the audit communities of state departments of transportation nationwide."

Cram was part of a small team that developed the National Compensation Matrix, a tool that helps states, architectural and engineering firms, and accounting firms “determine the reasonableness of executive compensation in transportation agreements.”

“The small team members’ dedication, contributions and expertise went above and beyond the call of duty and their regular job duties,” according to AASHTO’s announcement of the award.

The quality award recognizes “significant contributions to the state DOT communities. Significant contributions may be based on either a specific project or an overall body of work encompassing multiple years or even an entire career.”

Cram joined counterparts from Georgia, Ohio and Texas, the Federal Highway Administration and the American Council of Engineering Companies on the team that developed the financial tool.

Other team members included:

  • Forrest Cameron, Georgia DOST
  • Jana Cassidy, Ohio DOT
  • Scot Gormley, Ohio DOT
  • Kent Leopold, Texas DOT
  • Dave Bruce, FHWA
  • Jim Barton, Simon Wong Engineering (ACEC participant)
  • Craig Herman, David Evans and Associates (ACEC participant)
  • Dan Purvine, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. (ACEC participant)

Published 10-19-2012