Images of service

Idaho Transportation Board members agreed Thursday that one of the most gratifying tasks on their agenda twice a year is to honor employees for their continued service. Last week, they applauded as Director Brian Ness and Deputy Director Scott Stokes presented awards to 45 honorees and three retirees.

Jan Vassar, who served as Lewiston city manager for many years, put public service into perspective for a near capacity crowd assembled for the semi-annual ceremony. In city government, she came to appreciate the contributions of her dedicated staff -- the same appreciation she now has for ITD employees as the District 2 board member.

The ceremony program captured the sentiments of board members and ITD leaders:

Winning teams require three basic elements to achieve success -- vision, a good playbook and players who are committed to success and achieving the vision."

Headquarters employees who reached five years of service,
joined by Director Brian Ness, left, and Deputy Director Scott Stokes, right

Headquarters employees who reached 10 years of service

Headquarters employees who reached 15 years of service

Headquarters employees who reached 25 years of service

Headquarters employees who reached 30 years of service

Gwen Lough, right, celebrated 40 years of service

Retirees (first six months of 2012)

Three of the Headquarters employees who retired in the first half of 2012 returned to accept the congratulations of their peers and accept certificates for their years of service. Below are retiree Vicki Johnson (r), 29 years, with John Tomlinson (left photo); Frank Lester (r), 16 years, with Mike Pape (center photo); and Maggie Ransom (r), 34 years, with Bonnie Fogdall (right photo).

Published 10-26-2012